Dr. O. D. Naidu

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The world is looking for carbon-neutral energy systems to meet the rapidly growing electricity demand while minimizing environmental impact. The generation mix is expected to become greener with time. However, this good change is posing a challenge in power system protection and monitoring. At the same time, the evolution of data and communication paradigms in the context of digital substations comes at the most appropriate time when the grid is also evolving towards being smarter and greener. The grid characteristics are changing with more and more converter-interfaced renewable power plants being present. This welcome change poses new challenges to protection. Age-old protection philosophies need to be given a re-look and the time is ripe to incorporate advanced analytical concepts to tackle these challenges. In this tutorial, we will also briefly be discussed about the problems, practical cases, and protection technologies that will address the challenges. At last, we will provide new research directions to develop generic protection and monitoring solutions for networks connected with renewables.